July 26 - July 29, 2018 - La Grande Motte, France

Radio WCS
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The concept

Vacation and dance, dance and dance again !!!

At the time of its creation in 2004, we were offering Lindy Hop, Balboa and a little of West Coast Swing.

Progressively the West Coast has taken a predominant place and in 2007 the Sea Sun & Swing Camp has become the 1st one-week camp offering only West Coast classes.

From then on, and for the joy of everybody, the Sea Sun & Swing camp welcomes more and more dancers from all over the world (United-Kingdom, Hungary, Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine, Sweden, Germany… and of course all regions of France).

Why this passion?

  • An exceptional panel of professors: the best dancers in the world gathered together to share their passion, their technique, and their joy of living with you during an entire week.
  • Social Dancing 100% West Coast every night: possibility to dance with dancers from here and elsewhere.
  • Unique quality performance shows in Europe.
  • In one of the most famous seaside town of the Languedoc-Roussillon region.

    Since 2010, the Sea Sun & Swing Camp has the agreement from the World Swing Dance Council to organise official competitions.

What this camp offers you is not only the occasion to have fun during a week with West Coast dance, it is also the occasion for you to forget about the year pressure and relax in favourable environment and conditions.

In the morning, you do what you want: sleeping in for the laziest, running, walking on the beach, swimming, or shopping for the others.

In the afternoon: West Coast Swing time! A team of dynamic motivated, smiling and very skilled professionals are waiting for you to lead you further away than you could ever dreamt of.

After classes or competitions, a little jump in the sea to relax before going on.

At nights: it is time for you to practice what you learned during the day, sharing time with an unknown dancer, for the bravest inviting a professor to dance, and watching upper-quality performance shows.

So finally, why should you come? Because you were not in Paris on July 14, 1789, because you were not in Bethlehem on December 25, 0, because you were not in Cahors on February 14, 2004. Because you missed numerous historic events. For these reasons, do not miss an occasion to say “I was there”, like those who were in Woodstock, like those who saw the first steps of man on the Moon, like those who were at the opening of the multimedia library of Cahors. You too you will be able to say “I was there”.