July 26 - July 29, 2018 - La Grande Motte, France

Radio WCS
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Sea Sun Swing 2018

For some months now, some people already know, I dedicate all my energy to support my family in the fight of a "fucking disease", and unfortunately it does not allow me to devote myself properly to the organization of the Sea Sun & Swing, which also requires a lot of involvement both in terms of time and energy.

The important thing for us is to offer you the best to satisfy you, we can not decently present you a project that could suffer from our lack of time and investment because it is what is the organization of a such event.

That’s why after careful consideration, my team and I decided not to renew the Sea Sun & Swing this year despite the announcement made a few weeks ago.

The Sea Sun & Swing was created many years ago with an overflowing passion to make known and appreciate the west-coast swing in France and always with the best dancers of this discipline. We are happy and proud to see how excited and excited it was to see that many of our ’babies’ from Sea Sun & Swing have become passionate fans themselves and have continued on this path and are for many of them, become teachers, All-Stars, even champions. We see it every day, and in view of all the existing events, it is a great and great collective success.

Still passionate and full of ideas, we will return in 2019, with new project.

So thank you all for your loyalty and see you very soon on the dance floors to continue to share this beautiful passion.

Paco, Dan and Céline