July 26 - July 29, 2018 - La Grande Motte, France

Radio WCS
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Rules of procedure

All dancers are welcome to compete in these contests provided they

  • are more than 14 years old
  • hold a Week-End Pass for the Paris Westie Fest event
  • register by the contest entry deadline specified in the official schedule of the event
  • pay the contest entry fee for the division(s) in which they wish to compete
    meet the various criteria required for the division(s) in which they wish to compete

Degendered competitions. you are allowed to register as the other gender:

  • if you did not validated any point, you are supposed to compete in the same division as your original division
  • you have to chose your gender and can’t compete one division as a follower and another one as a leader

General Organisation

Contest entries
For each division, the competition will be run with a minimum of five couples. The organizers reserve the right to modify the schedule based on the number of competitors by running preliminary and/or semi-final heats, or by canceling a division. If a division is canceled, the contest entry fee will be refunded. Competitors may cancel their registration or make a change of name (for couples competitions) only until the official contest entry deadline stipulated on the event schedule. No refunds will be made past the deadline.

At least 5 judges will be present for each division, as well as a Chief Judge and substitute judges if necessary. For Jack’n’Jill competitions, contestants will be judged individually in the preliminary and semi-final rounds, and as couples in the finals. The Chief Judge will decide on the number of heats, spotlights, the calling of numbers, the number of alternates and the number of semi-finalists and finalists. These numbers may vary according to the number of competitors registered in each division and according to the natural cut in the results.

The results will be determined electronically using a relative placing system. They will be available after the Awards ceremony. The top three places in each division will receive a trophy. Additionally, the first-place winners in each division will receive a free Pass to a WSDC registry event.

Appropriate behavior

Know the contest rules
It is the responsibility of each competitor to be familiar with the General Rules of the competition as well as the specific rules of each division. Any questions shall be submitted in advance of the competitions to the organizers or the Chief Judge.

Be on time
It is the responsibility of each competitor to check the times of the various competitions and to be aware of any changes. Competitors shall be present in the main ballroom 15 minutes prior to the official start time of the competitions for which they have registered.

Prepare for the competitions
All competitors must be dressed decently and appropriately. Competitors are also responsible for their bibs, which must be attached and worn on their backs when required.

Have a good attitude
Competitors must demonstrate a positive attitude throughout the weekend, during the competitions as well as on and off the dance floor. Bothering a judge to argue about a placing is not appreciated. Any behavior deemed inappropriate may lead to a competitor being excluded from the competition, in which case no refunds will be granted.